Why Wax?

Waxing offers semi-permanent hair removal, removing hair at the root cause; new hair growth comes in softer, and if done regularly, permanent hair reduction can occur. With shaving or the use of depilatory creams, hair is removed from the surface rather than the root and will grow back in a rougher stubble. Waxing is effective for removing larger areas of hair as well as cleaning up smaller areas.

The most popular waxing services done at Afterglow Day Spa and Salon are eyebrow waxing/styling and bikini waxing, which includes a standard bikini, where the panty line is cleaned up, a French bikini, which removes more hair, and Brazilian bikini waxing, which removes hair from the whole area. Both men and women get waxed in those intimate areas. Eyebrow waxing/styling can be a face lift. At Afterglow Day Spa and Salon, our estheticians aim to give the best eyebrow wax to enhance one's features. We want you to to bask in the AFTERGLOW from head to toe!

At Afterglow Day Spa and Salon, our licensed estheticians use both a hard wax and softer, cream-based waxes. Each type of wax lends itself for different areas of the body. Cleanliness and privacy are highly valued at Afterglow.

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